Discount is $800 off per eye. Offer Valid until 6/30/2024.

Take The First Step Towards Better Vision This Summer With Our Exclusive Deal


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Take The First Step Towards Better Vision This Summer With Our Exclusive Deal

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LASIK can be affordable:   LaserCare Eye Center believes LASIK should be affordable****.

We offer 2 types financing via Alphaeon WAC***. It takes seconds to get an approval.
 • Zero percent option: 0% for 24 months.  Payments as low as $129/month.
 • Low payments option: 14.99% for 60 months.  Payments as low as $74/month.


All about LASIK

SMILE Eye Surgery is the latest in laser vision correction. It uses one gental laser to correct vision and unlike LASIK does not have a flap so there are no flap related complications and less instance of dry eyes.

Yes, in most cases, LASIK can fully correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is simply a refractive error like nearsightedness and farsightedness affecting nearly 30% of the population.

Based upon the research into and clinical experience with LASIK, the rate of complications from LASIK eye surgery is estimated to be less than 1 percent, which makes it one of the safest elective surgical procedures available today.

LASIK is FDA-approved for people aged 18 and older who have achieved ocular maturity. A stable prescription, meaning your prescription hasn’t changed for at least two consecutive years. It is important for eyes to be generally healthy, free of diseases, injuries and infections.

Like all surgeries, LASIK has risks. Research has shown that serious complications are rare and that the majority of patients are happy with the results. It’s important to discuss your health with your surgeon to determine risks.

American Board of Ophthalmology Certified

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Take The First Step Towards Better Vision This Summer With Our Exclusive Deal

Terms: The limited time offer is for LASIK at $1299 per eye with discount code #StartofSummer2024 under the following conditions:
The offer may not be combined with any other discounts or offers and is no longer valid after the expiration date. *The above terms
refer to a limited time offer with an expiration date of 6/30/2024. **The offer only applies with Basic Aftercare and does not include the pre-
op fee. Other surgeries and other aftercare plans will incur additional fees. ***Alphaeon Financing is only available WAC (with approved
credit). ****Per month pricing refers only to LASIK with this offer for both eyes and with Basic Aftercare.

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