The Crystalens Lens Implant is an Advanced Technology lens that is used with Cataract surgery to allow vision at the near and intermediate distances. The human lens naturally flexes to allow the person to be able to focus on objects far away or close up, but as we get older the ciliary muscle in the eye that produces this flexing becomes firm and less able to flex, which can create vision problems like Presbyopia. The Crystalens Lens Implant is designed to copy the flexing capacity of our natural lenses to mirror the ability to focus in the distance and up close–in fact, the Crystalens is the only lens implant on the market can replicate the natural lens of the eye accurately.

To switch from up close to a distance, the Crystalens Lens Implant relies on the gentle contraction of your Ciliary muscle–this flexing movement in your eye is subconscious. Ideal candidates for the Crystalens Lens Implants have healthy eyes, have no major health problems, and have not had previous cataract surgery. If you are interested in learning more and to find out if the Crystalens Lens Implant may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation.