Crystalens Lens Implant Dallas

What is the Crystalens?

CrystalensThe Crystalens is an accommodating lens that is used at the time of Cataract surgery. It is an advanced technology lens and allows vision at distance, near and intermediate distance.


How does the Eye Focusing Work?

Our natural lens flexes to allow us to focus on objects at far, intermediate and near distance. This flexing action is performed by the ciliary muscle in the eye. As the natural lens ages, it becomes more firm and loses the ability to flex , which results in near vision problems called presbyopia. Presbyopia starts at age 40 and gradually worsens with age.

How does the Crystalens Work?

The Crystalens was designed to mimic the flexing ability of the natural lens. It allows vision at far, intermediate and near distance. No other lens implant comes closer to mirroring the natural lens of the eye.

The lens design includes a hinge that allows the lens to flex forward and backward based on gentle contraction of the ciliary muscle. Your eye is able to make this flexing movement subconsciously.

For distance vision, the lens rests back in the eye. It flexes forward to accommodate for intermediate vision. To allow near vision, it flexes further forward into the front of the eye.

Am I a Candidate for Crystalens?

This can only be determined after a comprehensive eye exam and a careful discussion with your eye surgeon. You may be a good candidate if:

  • Your eyes are healthy
  • You have NOT had previous Cataract surgery
  • You have no major health problems
  • If you have had a refractive surgery such as LASIK

Please call 214.328.0444 or email one of our Surgical Coordinators to make an appointment.


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