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“Now… where’s my glasses?”

Sound familiar? Finally, the opportunity for freedom from reading glasses and bifocals!

For patients with cataracts, this is more or less a daily occurrence. Tasks that were simple before, like reading emails or even just checking the grocery list, increasingly become a regular hassle. Let’s face it, glasses were always an imperfect solution to a complicated problem. And these days, they’re also an outdated one. Now, however, you have a choice. The AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL is an advanced multifocal lens implant that does what the name implies. It restores your vision- long distance, short distance and everything in between. Finally, no more glasses or bifocals; just pure, quality vision at all times.

Until recently, life without reading glasses or bifocals was not an option for most cataract patients. You now have an option. The AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL is a unique technological innovation that can provide you with quality vision throughout the entire visual spectrum – near through distance – with increased independence from reading glasses or bifocals!

ReSTOR LensHow does the AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL work? As we perform daily activities such as reading, watching television or working at the computer, our eyes are constantly focusing on objects at varying distances – up close, far away and everything in-between. The ability to quickly change focus throughout this range of vision is called accommodation. Unfortunately, this ability diminishes as we grow older, causing us to become dependent on bifocals or reading glasses.

However, the AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL was designed to provide quality near to distance vision by combining the strengths of apodized diffractive and refractive technologies. Similar technology has been used for years in microscopes and telescopes to improve image quality and has now been patented for use in intraocular lenses by Alcon.

How the ReSTOR IOL works.

Our eyes are highly sophisticated instruments that function very similarly to a camera. Each eye contains a flexible, internal lens that focuses light on the retina on achieving a clear picture, which is then transmitted to the brain. These lenses are continually changing shape as our eyes focus on objects at varying distances- a process called “accommodation.” Under normal circumstances, our eye lenses are crystal clear. However, when cataracts are contracted, clumps of protein build up inside these lenses- rendering them cloudy and unable to accommodate as well as they used to. This “clouding” effect only gets worse over the years as protein continues to build up.

Unlike the ReSTOR® IOL, glasses- in addition to being inconvenient- don’t actually fix the underlying problem. They merely provide a focal “boost” to the still-cloudy eye lenses. Due to their static nature, even bifocal glasses are extremely limited in their ability to focus at varying distances. This is because glasses can’t change shape as our natural internal eye lenses can. The ReSTOR® IOL, on the other hand, utilizes patented Diffractive Optics and Apodization to enable the eye to, once again, function multifocally in all lighting conditions. This intraocular lens (IOL) uses these respective technologies to imitate nature essentially.

By altering the heights of the steps between each zone, the apodized-diffractive design is able to control the distribution of light between focal points- just like a healthy eye can. When the step height is high, more light is concentrated at the closest focal point, (that would be the little ring at the top.) Conversely, when the step-height is low, light is focused to the far focal point. Additionally, the distance between the steps determines how dramatically the focusing power of the lens is increased.

The Apodization element of the “apodized-diffractive” design, enables the patient to see in a variety of conditions- especially ones of a “mesopic” kind. This is when lighting is suboptimal, such as during night-time driving. The technology works by optimally allocating light towards, from and between the center and periphery of the diffractive zones, depending on changes in pupil size.

Furthermore, the AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL reduces the effect of “spherical aberrations”- these are the distracting halos that appear around lights in dark conditions. This significantly increases image precision and quality.

Who the ReSTOR IOL for?

The AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL is primarily for patients suffering from cataracts; however, it also can be used to treat astigmatism. There are two different models of this IOL: the +2.5 lens and the +3.0 lens. Each is ideal depending on the needs of the user.

The +3.0 lens is optimized for long and short distance. It is best for older patients that partake in a variety of activities that require focusing at a wide range of distances. More than 95 percent of patients who received +3.0 lenses in clinical trials achieved 20/40 vision.

“The +3.0 is my first choice for patients who seek true performance at all distances from multifocal capabilities: those who desire a broad range of vision, with decreased spectacle dependence for near, intermediate and distance activities,” -Dr. Vasavada. (industry professional opinion.)

Shorter patients are also more suited to the +3.0 lens because of the differing distances at which they tend to perform tasks.

On the other hand, the +2.5 lens is optimal for younger patients who desire excellent distant vision but also improved intermediate vision for tasks conducted at distances of 50-60cm, such as computer usage and reading.

“The strength of the +2.5 lens is the crispness of distance vision it offers, with improved intermediate vision compared with the +3.0 lens,” – Dr. Vasavada (industry professional opinion)

For added flexibility and tailorable experience, a combination of the two types- called “blended vision”- is also possible depending on the needs of the client. An example of this might be installing the +2.5 lens in the dominant eye while installing the +3.0 lens in the non-dominant eye. Likewise, it is also possible to combine the ReSTOR®IOL with other lenses.

ReSTOR IOL Benefits

The unique, patented technology of the AcrySof® ReSTOR®IOL gives it many advantages over traditional solutions as well as competing for IOL alternatives:

  • Multifocal design: Able to focus over a range of distances. Competing IOLs often can only provide bifocal performance (only two ranges of distance), giving them little advantage over bifocal glasses.
  • Low maintenance: No removal or cleaning required such as with contact lenses or glasses
  • Spherical aberration/halo-effect reduction: Many other kinds of IOLs cause a “halo effect” to appear around bright light sources in dark conditions. This is highly detrimental to vision quality. Not only does the ReSTOR® IOL reduce this disturbance, but also often eliminates it entirely.
  • Hydrophobic design: Unlike many competing IOLs, the hydrophobic design of the AcrySof® ReSTOR® significantly reduces cases of posterior capsular opacification (PCO)- a common post-operative complication
  • Toric design options: This allows the ReSTOR® IOL to be used in treating astigmatism in addition to long/short-sightedness and presbyopia (cataracts)
  • Industry-leading design and development: Alcon is a trusted, world-class producer of optical technology

These are just some of the reasons over 93 percent of patients who received the ReSTOR® IOL, in clinical trials say they would have it again.
The AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL is an excellent option for patients who desire a full range of high-quality vision with no or minimal dependence on glasses or bifocals. For more information, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us. Our contact details can be found here.

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