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Vision For LifeAt most eye Centers, once you have your eye surgery, you are released from care. At LaserCare Eye Center we have a different approach. We use a principle that we call “VISION FOR LIFE”.

Our eyes change with age. Thus, your eye care needs change with age. For example, in childhood, misalignment of the eyes is a big issue. In our 40’s, presbyopia (changes in near vision) occur. As we get to our 50’s and 60’s, Cataract progression begins and Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma become more prevalent. We want to take care of your VISION FOR LIFE!

We are first and foremost a comprehensive Ophthalmology practice. We are able to handle to wide range of medical needs from pediatric eye exams to Diabetic Eye exams to Glaucoma treatment to Cataract surgery, LASIK Eye Surgery, SMILE Eye Surgery and Alcon PanOptix trifocal, ReSTOR, Crystalens and TORIC lens replacements.

We want to be your eye care Doctor for the long term. Our patients range in age from a few days old to over 100 years old. We are there for your eye care.

We are a one-stop shop for EyeCare. We have the four O’s of Eyecare under 1 roof:

Following your eyes for a long period of time, gives us the advantage of helping you select the eye surgery that is best suited for you.

Recently, we had an elderly patient who had gone to a LASIK-only center wanting better vision. The center gladly performed LASIK on her, but her vision did not improve. She was seen in our clinic and diagnosed with Cataracts. Cataract surgery was performed and her vision improved dramatically. This patient would have saved a lot of time, money and risk by starting with a practice that focuses on VISION FOR LIFE.

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