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What is the New Zeiss Visumax 800 laser?

The Zeiss Visumax 800 laser is a new, state of the art laser designed for the next iteration of SMILE vision correction. The laser and the SMILE PRO software was FDA approved in January 2024. LaserCare Eye Center was one of the first 3 Visumax 800 installs in the US.

The Visumax 800 laser is a state of the art femtosecond laser is capable of doing laser ablations in as short as 9 seconds. The older Visumax 500 takes as long as 4 times longer for the same ablation. The result of the faster speed is more comfort for the patient and increased safety for the patient due to a theoretical lower risk of a problem called suction loss.

SMILE Vision Correction is a laser procedure that corrects myopia and astigmatism. It is considered to be more minimally invasive than LASIK, but with similar results and a similar risk profile. SMILE Vision correction is recommended for young, active patients who want independence from glasses. At LaserCare Eye Center, we have performed the procedure on professional and amateur boxers, UFC, MMA and NFL athletes with great results.

LaserCare Eye Center was the first practice in DFW to offer SMILE in 2017. Since then, we have ramped up to be one of the busiest SMILE Vision Correction practices in the US. It is no coincidence that we had the first Visumax 800 installs in Texas. According to Dr. Gicheru, “I have been performing SMILE since 2017 and the new Visumax 800 is a gamechanger…it heralds the next generation of SMILE with faster ablation times, easier dissections and faster visual recovery based on the early cases we have done. This matches the results from Europe”.

When having SMILE Vision Correction in DFW be sure to make sure you are getting the procedure with the new Visumax 800.

The Visumax 800 laser is our Plano Laser Suite.


Why pick LaserCare Eye Center for SMILE?

Simply, the answer is SPEED and EXPERIENCE. We were the first practice in Texas to get a Visumax 800 laser with the new SMILE PRO software. This laser is one of the most advanced and fastest lasers for vision correction with ablations in as little as 9 seconds. It is important to remember that LaserCare Eye Center was the pioneer of SMILE Vision Correction in DFW. In 2017, we became the first practice in DFW to offer SMILE. Since then, we have grown to be one of the leading SMILE Vision Correction practices in the US.

Visumax 800 with both robotic arms up.

Should I get SMILE PRO or regular SMILE?

SMILE Pro is just the latest software for performing SMILE. SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticular Extraction, which is a minimally invasive laser procedure to correct myopia with or without astigmatism. SMILE can be performed with 2 lasers in the US: the Visumax 500 (the slower, older laser) or the Visumax 800 (the newer, faster one). Only the Visumax 800 laser has the SMILE PRO software.

At the time of this writing, we were the first practice in Texas with this new Visumax 800 technology. Be sure to ask for the Visumax 800 laser with SMILE PRO software for your SMILE Vision Correction Procedure.

Is the Visumax 800 Robotic?

  • The Visumax 800 has 2 sets of Surgical optics on robotic arms, but surgery is still performed by the Surgeon.
  • During SMILE cases, a button is used to lower one or the other robotic arm to bring the Optics close to the patient so the surgeon can see. In addition to being cool, it allows the surgeon more flexibility for patient comfort.
  • On the old Visumax 500, the patient had to be moved from one optic to the other.
  • Besides the 9 second ablations, this improvement allows for faster surgical times for the patient.

Laser arm activated.

Surgical Arm activated.
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