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The location of your Eye surgery is just as important as who does it and what equipment is used. Our patients want surgery to be performed safely by a competent team and with maximum comfort and convenience, but they expect a personalized patient experience. At LaserCare Eye Center, we offer surgery at 3 types of facilities:

  • Our In-Office Laser Suites for Laser Vision Correction in Plano and Southlake.
  • Our In-Office Surgery Center for Lens-based refractive Surgery in Plano.
  • Hospital-based Surgery Centers.

You can rest assured we have been performing office-based surgery safely for over 20 years. Our staff are happy to guide you to the best location for your surgery.

Office-based Surgery Center for Lens-based surgeries

For a long time, lens-based refractive surgeries such as CLEAR and ICL were performed at Hospitals and ASCs. The approach there is very “one size fits all”. Whether it is a delicate eye surgery or orthopedic surgery, the hospital environment is impersonal with the patient rarely knowing the providers, every patient has to wear the back-less hospital gown, everyone gets an uncomfortable IV (even for a 5 minute case) and everyone has a 2 hour or more wait time. Reason: The Surgeons have little control of the patient experience.

To allow our Surgeons to have more control on the patient experience, we partnered with IOR Partners, a company that builds In-Office Surgery Centers for Eye Surgeons. As of 2024, IOR Partners has built 140 of these centers for Eye Surgeons. Our goal was simple: Create a surgical environment that is safe but provides CLEAR and ICL patients with the maximum comfort and convenience in a LASIK-like environment.

Our Office-based Surgery Center is based in Plano.

The CLEAR Procedure is performed at our state of the art In-Office Surgery Center in Plano. We purposely built this facility for CLEAR, ICL and Laser-assisted Cataract surgery in 2020. We wanted our lens based surgery patients to have the same wonderful experience our LASIK patients have had since 2000.

The In-Office Surgery Center means our Surgeons are able to perform safe surgery and control the patient experience. For the most part, the Center is staffed by our very experienced and well trained Ophthalmic technicians that you know from our clinic. 100% of our patients are able to tolerate the surgery with just a mild oral sedative, just as with LASIK.

The advantages of the In-Office Surgery Center include:

  In-Office Surgical Suite Hospital/ASC
IV placement No Yes
Familiar staff Yes No
Arrival to departure time Less than 1 hour, in most cases 2-4 hours
Comfort Great Great
Sedation Oral IV

Here is a short tour of our In-office Surgical Center in Plano:

Patient Safety

Regardless of your preferred location for surgery, patient safety is of primary importance to us. If your surgery is office based, you can rest assured that we have provided effective and safe surgery in the office setting since 2000. A Medical evaluation will be performed to see if you qualify for In-office surgery. In case of a medical emergency, all our surgery centers are equipped with Emergency equipment. Our in-office surgery centers are only available for patients in relatively good health.

Hospital-based Surgery Centers

For patients of advanced age or patients with significant health issues, surgery can be provided at:

  • Surgery Center of Plano
  • Baylor Surgery Center of Plano
  • Park Central Surgery Center.

NOTE: Some of these facilities may not offer the same laser technology as our Office based Surgery suites.

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