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Looking after your eyes is essential to help maintain good vision, as well as enjoying a better quality of life. One of the best ways to look after your eyes is by making sure you receive a regular eye exam. An eye exam should take place at least once a year as part of your normal health routine. However, your eye doctor may recommend more frequent eye examinations depending on your individual circumstances.

An eye exam can help to detect and treat health problems and eye conditions before you suffer from any symptoms. By finding issues early enough, they can often be treated quickly and easily. While it is easy to neglect your eyes, mainly as they rarely cause pain or hurt, they are an important indicator of your health and should be prioritized.

If you haven’t had an eye exam in over a year, then book your appointment with us for a comprehensive eye exam in Dallas, Plano, Southlake, Irving by calling 214-328-0444.

Why is an eye exam important?

Regular eye exams can help to prevent sight loss, but they can also be an excellent indicator of your general health. By completing a comprehensive eye exam regularly, your eye doctors can help;

  • Prevent sight loss
  • Detect underlying eye and vision problems
  • Determine whether your eyesight could improve with contact, glasses or laser surgery
  • If your current eyewear needs any adjustments
  • Check for eye disease
  • Correct any refractive errors
  • Ensure you have good general health and a better quality of life.

What is involved in a comprehensive eye exam?

At LaserCare Eye Center, we make sure to perform a thorough and detailed exam to ensure we capture as much information as possible to help your eyesight and your health. Our comprehensive eye exam takes around two hours and will include a variety of different tests.

We will perform a refraction test which helps to determine your level of eyesight and whether your sight could be enhanced with glasses, contacts or laser eye surgery. We will then conduct a focused exam on the front part of the eye and the surrounding tissue. Using a high-powered lens and completely safe eye drops that dilate the pupils, your eye doctor will then look for any issues at the back of the eye and the retina.

Other aspects of our comprehensive eye exam include visual field testing, wavefront checks, and contrast sensitivity tests so that we can build a complete picture of your eye and general health.

The Benefits of Regular Comprehensive Eye Exams

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, many sight-threatening diseases, if detected early, can be cured or treated to prevent, or slow, the progression of any vision loss. The most important preventive step is receiving routine examinations by a qualified eye care professional.

If you are young, old or in between, have had laser eye surgery, wear glasses, contacts, or are still fortunate enough to have great vision, it’s still important to get an annual eye exam.

What to Expect

On your first visit and periodically thereafter, the doctors at LaserCare Eye Center will perform a comprehensive eye exam. This includes refraction (determination of the need for glasses (if needed)), focused exam of the tissues surrounding the eye, examination of the anterior segment (front part of the eye) and dilated fundus examination (we will dilate your pupils with special eyedrops to examine the retina and other tissues in the back of the eye). This is a very detailed exam of your eye and can take as long as 2 hours.

After the eye exam, your eye doctor will recommend any further treatment, if necessary, and provide you with professional advice to help maintain good eye health. Finally, your eye doctor will recommend how often you should have an eye exam at LaserCare Eye Center.

Scheduling Your Eye Exams

Yearly eye exams are an important part of eye health.  Eye problems are often silent and if it’s been more than a year since you’ve had an eye exam, it’s time to come see us.  An annual eye exam could help prevent you from losing your sight.

Depending on your general and ocular health, you and your doctor will be able to determine an appropriate schedule for comprehensive eye exams. We strongly recommend that all patients have regular comprehensive exams.


At Lasercare Eye Center, we are dedicated to helping our patients receive the best possible eye care. Our team will do our best to work with your insurance to get the most coverage we can. We also offer financing options to make the payment process more manageable.

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If you would like a comprehensive eye exam to check the health of your eyes, then book an appointment at your nearest LaserCare Eye Center by calling 214-328-0444. Our team can provide you with the personalized comprehensive eye care you are in need of.

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