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Glossary of Eye Related Terms

Accommodation –
A-scan –
Age-Related Macular Degeneration –
Amsler Grid –
Angle –
Anterior chamber –
Aqueous –
Astigmatism – incorrect curvature of the cornea.
BCV – Best Corrected Vision is the best vision corrected by contact or glasses
Bifocals – eyeglasses that correct vision for both nearsightedness and presbyopia.
Blepharitis –
Blepharospasm – twitching of the eyelid.
Blind Spot –
Blindness – the temporary or permanent loss of vision.
Cataract – a natural clouding of the lens of the eye.
Cataract extraction – eye surgery that involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a new synthetic lens.
Cataract Surgeon Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon who replaces the natural lens of the eye that has clouded with a synthetic lens to improve vision.
Chalazion –
Color Blind –
Comprehensive Eye Exam
Conjunctivitis –
Contact lens – worn in the eye to correct vision problems.
Cornea –
Corneal Abrasion –
Cross Eyed –
Crystalens –
Diabetic Retinopathy –
Dilation –
Diopter –
Diplopia –
Drusen –
Dry Eye Syndrome
Endoptalmitis –
Excimer Laser –
Eye Chart –
Farsightedness – problems seeing objects that are close.
Flashes and Floaters –
Foreign Body –
Goniosopy –
Glaucoma –
Halos –
Headache –
Hyperopia –
Intralase femtosecond laser used to create LASIK flaps.
Intraocular Lens
Intraocular Pressure –
Iris –
Iritis –
IOL Master –
Karataconus –
Laser – there are many different uses of lasers in ophthalmology.
Laser Cataract Surgery new way to do cataract surgery where lasers are used to assist the eye surgeon by making precise cuts.
Laser Eye Surgery – eye surgery to help correct vision by using a laser to reshape the cornea. Includes PRK, LASIK and SMILE Vision Correction.
LASIK Eye Surgery laser eye surgery where a flap is created and a laser is used to correct the shape of the cornea.
LASIK flap – flap used in LASIK cut in the cornea. Can be cut with a microkeratome blade, femtosecond laser
Legal Blindness –
Lens –
Lenstar – provides optical measurements of all areas of the eye from the cornea to the retina
Lensx Laser – Alcon laser used in laser cataract eye surgery. Can also be used to create LASIK flaps.
LRI (limbal relaxing incision) – used in cataract surgery to reduce astigmatism. Can be done manually or with a laser such as the Lensx.
Macula –
Macular Degeneration –
Macular Edema –
Macular Hole –
Microkeratome –
Monovision – corrects one eye for distance and one eye for near in cataract and laser eye surgery.
Multifocal lens – lenses used in cataract surgery that corrects vision for near, intermediate and far.
Myopic – see nearsighted
Nearsighted – vision that is blurry for far away objects. Caused by light not focusing in the eye correctly.
Ocular –
Ophthalmologist Medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.
Optic Nerve –
Optician – a medical professional that has experience making eyeglasses.
Optometrist – medical professional that performs eye exams.
ORA Smart Vision technology used during cataract surgery to determine the power of the replacement lens.
Pentacam –
Peripheral Vision –
Phacoemulsification (fay-koh-ee-mul-sih-fih-KAY-shun) –
Phoropter – an ophthalmic testing device used to refract
Photophobia –
Presbyopia – Natural occurrence in people over 40 that causes reading glasses.
PRK or photorefractive keratectomy Laser eye surgery that uses a laser to correct the shape of the cornea without the use of a flap. One of the first laser eye surgeries approved by the FDA.
Pseudophakia –
Pterygium –
Pupil –
Refraction – an ophthalmic medical test used to determine the prescription required to correct vision.
Refractive error –
Restor lens premium multifocal lens used in cataract surgery that corrects vision for near, intermediate and far.
Retina –
Retinal Detachment –
Retinopathy –
Routine Eye Exam – usually perform annually and can help to catch and diagnose eye problems early helping to minimize vision loss and permanent damage.
Slit Lamp – an ophthalmic device used to examine the eye
SMILE Eye Surgery the newest Laser Eye Surgery that involves cutting and removing a small disc-like contact from the eye. SMILE does not require a flap, like LASIK eye surgery.
Strabismus –
Sty –
Symfony lens premium lens designed to correct presbyopia in cataract surgery.
Tonometry –
Toric lens a lens used in cataract surgery that corrects astigmatism.
Tunnel Vision –
Vision – the ability to see by the light coming through and focusing in the eye.
Vision Correction – involves the use of eye surgery, medication, glasses or contacts to correct eyesight.
Visual Acuity –
Visual Field –
Visumax Laser – Zeiss femtosecond laser that is used to perform SMILE eye surgery. Can also be used to create LASIK flaps.
Visx Star 44 Laser – AMO excimer laser used in laser eye surgery (LASIK and PRK).
Vitreous –
Yag Laser –

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