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LASIK Surgery Expectations Dallas

What to Expect After LASIK Eye SurgeryIn a recent FDA study, More than 95% of participants were satisfied with their vision following LASIK surgery.

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We offer All Laser LASIK surgery using 4 laser platforms: Intralase and Visumax Femtosecond lasers, as well as Visx S4-IR laser and Zeiss Mel-80 excimer laser. We DO NOT use the microkeratome or blade technique. We strive to make your Intra-LASIK surgery a great experience. The process for Intra-LASIK surgery at our office is as follows:

You may often wonder, what happens during LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK evaluation: Our surgical coordinator will provide information about LASIK surgery Dallas, pricing, and options such as Custom treatments. A few tests will be performed to determine if you are a LASIK candidate. The doctor will perform a brief exam for the health of the eye. LASIK pre-op and surgery is scheduled.

LASIK Pre-op: Special measurements of the eye are made. A comprehensive eye exam is performed to evaluate the health of the eyes. This includes dilation and the exam can take as long as 2 ½ hours. Additional information is provided about LASIK surgery. A video about LASIK surgery is viewed by the patient. If your eyes are dry, punctal plugs may be placed. Patients with challenging schedules can request to have the Lasik evaluation
and After LASIK Eye SurgeryPre-op
performed on the same day.

One day before surgery:
You will start using a prescription antibiotic eyedrop.

The Day of Surgery:
The patient arrives at the laser suite in our Irving office. After registration, eyedrops are instilled and the patient prepared in the surgical area. An anesthetic eyedrop is instilled. The surgeon performs a brief exam of your eyes and then the patient is brought to the Laser suite. Special drapes and a device to keep you from blinking are applied.

A small suction ring will be placed on the eye. The Intralase laser will be used to create a thin flap on the outer part of the Cornea. It does so by creating microscopic bubbles in the cornea. The LASIK flap is then lifted like a page in a book.

A second laser, an Excimer laser, is used to sculpt the middle layer of the cornea.

Special eye drops are applied. The drapes and eyelid holder are removed. The same procedure is performed on the other eye.

Post-op: The vision is usually blurry for the first few hours after the surgeon. Patients are advised to take a nap or keep their eyes closed for the first few hours. The patient starts using an antibiotic and a steroid eyedrop.

The patient is seen in our office the day after surgery. It is normal for the eyes to be dry the first few weeks after surgery and this may cause the vision to fluctuate early on in the recovery process. Patients will use an antibiotic, eyedrop for 1 week and a steroid eyedrop for 2 weeks after surgery. They should avoid rubbing their eye for the first 2 months after surgery. For 2 weeks, protective glasses are recommended during the daytime and a protective shield must be worn at night or during sleep.

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