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Toric Lens Implant Dallas

What do you offer for Cataract Patients with Astigmatism?

Toric LensAt LaserCare Eye Center, we offer the Acrysof TORIC Lens implant. It offers a better option for quality distance vision for cataract patients with astigmatism. The TORIC Lens has the ability to reduce or eliminate corneal astigmatism at the same time it corrects cataracts. The result is typically improved vision distance vision and less dependence on eyeglasses or contacts for distance vision. It also filters out harmful ultraviolet and blue light.

Another option for Cataract patients with astigmatism is to proceed with a standard monofocal lens and then eventually have either LASIK or PRK eye surgery to correct their astigmatism. This involves 2 steps and a longer recovery time. The TORIC lens’ advantage is that it allows Cataract surgery and Astigmatism correction in 1 step with quick recovery.

How is the Toric Lens Made?

The TORIC lens is an Advanced Technology lens that is foldable, is a monofocal lens and has astigmatism reduction technology. Its unique design makes it possible to reduce or eliminate corneal astigmatism and significantly improve uncorrected distance vision. It is made of the same biocompatible lens material already in use and successfully implanted in more than 25 million eyes since 1991.

What are the Advantages of the Toric Lens?

Prior to the inception of Advanced Technology lenses, Standard Monofocal lens implants were the only option available with Cataract surgery. These Standard Monofocal implants are used to clear the vision but are unable to correct astigmatism. Corrective eyewear and additional surgeries are needed to reduce blurring and distortion.

The TORIC lens allows your surgeon to clear your vision at the time of Cataract surgery and also reduce or eliminate astigmatism. With the Toric Lens, there is no need for additional surgeries or eyewear to address the astigmatism problem. The Acrysof Toric lens implant has been shown in clinical studies to provide good uncorrected distance vision in patients who have undergone cataract surgery.

What are the Disadvantages of the Toric Lens?

The TORIC lens is a mono-focal lens and can only correct vision at one specific distance. For most patients, it is aimed in the distance and reading glasses are required for near and intermediate vision. Rarely, the lens may rotate, which may require a realigning procedure, Limbal relaxing incisions, LASIK or PRK.

What to expect after Toric Lens implant?

Expect to return to the office the same day or next day of your cataract eye surgery for a post-op appointment and then several more times after that.

The Toric IOL (intraocular lens) corrects astigmatism and far vision may be better if the astigmatism is corrected. Near vision is not corrected with a Toric IOL and you may require reading glasses. An intraocular lens that fixes near, intermediate and far distance, known as a trifocal is the Alcon PanOptix lens. An IOL that can fix near, far and intermediate vision would be a ReSTOR lens. The Toric lens will work better at correcting for astigmatism than a Limbal Relaxing Incision would and can correct higher levels of astigmatism.

In a recent study, 97% of patients had good vision (20/40) at far distances and 95-99% said in a study that they would choose the Toric lens again.

Call our office at 214.328.0444 to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for cataract eye surgery.

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