Multifocal Contact lenses are allowing many patients over the age of 40 to see again. At age 40, a change occurs in the lens of our eyes that weakens our near vision. This process is called Presbyopia. In the past, contact lens options for patients over 40 were limited. But now, we have Multifocal Contacts. These are contact lenses that allow vision at distance and near.

With advancements in technology in all aspects of our day to day life and the increasing demand for being able to read up close and computer work, Multifocal contacts are a perfect option for Presbyopic patients. New technology in contact lens designs allows patients to see clearly up close and not lose their clear distance vision.

In the past with previous contact lens designs, patients were happy with help in reading and up close work that the multifocal contacts provided but had to sacrifice some distance clarity in the process.

Now, new contact lens designs allow patient excellent distance vision along with clear reading and computer vision. Contact lens manufacturers understood that they needed to incorporate reading powers for all Presbyopic age groups and now we have a wide selection of brands to choose from to help give the patient their best vision. Thanks to this advancement in technology, patients now have the ability to wear bifocal contacts throughout their lifetime.

Roshie Moshtaghfard is a licensed Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma specialist at LaserCare Eye Center (for more information go to She specializes in Contact lens, Eye wellness exams, and Post-op care. LaserCare Eye Center specializes in LASIK surgery and Refractive Cataract surgery (ReSTOR, Crystalens, and Toric lens implants). For more information call 214-328-0444 or 817.481.2727. This article Multifocal Contact lenses: See near and far was written by Dr. Roshie Mostaghfard.