Today is Day Zero of Texas Eye Talk. I’ve always been told that I am a pretty good writer and presenter. Indeed, I served as the editor of our school paper in High School. As an Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon, I no longer spend as much time writing creatively as I did in the past.

As part of my New Years resolution for 2012, I have decided to start about a blog. Topics covered will include the latest trends in Eyecare (with a concentration on my profession of Vision Correction), Eyecare technology, Electronic Medical records (a huge interest of mine: we have had Electronic Medical records in our office since 2003) and Healthcare governance (my pet peeve).

Medicine has always been a noble profession. As government and industry insidiously reshape Medicine, it is important that Doctors have a voice. Texas Eye Talk is my voice.


Sidney Gicheru, M.D.


Sidney Gicheru, M.D.