LaserCare Eye Center‘s LASIK surgery in Dallas is transforming the way we see. This innovative procedure is able to correct poor or blurry vision, as well as reducing the need to rely on glasses or contact lenses. With more than 90% of patients having their sight restored to 20/20 vision following LASIK surgery, it is no surprise that it also has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates for any elective surgery, at an impressive 96%.

Concerns about the potentially negative side effects of LASIK is one that we often hear from our prospective patients. While we are always on hand to answer any concerns and provide facts and information about all aspects of LASIK surgery, the simple truth is that there are very few side effects involved with this innovative eye surgery at all.

LASIK Is An Extremely Safe Surgery, But It Should Still Be Treated With Respect…

Millions of LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide, all with very high success rates and little or no side effects having been reported. To this end, it would be extremely unusual for anyone to go blind from LASIK surgery specifically.

In fact, as of writing this, there have been no reported cases of blindness due to LASIK surgery itself. A study undertaken in 2017 concluded that you actually have a 34 times higher risk of going blind from a contact lens infection, that you do from undergoing LASIK surgery in Dallas!

But, any patient undergoing LASIK surgery must still treat the medical advice they receive with respect, and always fully observe the aftercare protocol that your surgeon puts in place for you.

Failing to look after your eyes properly during the recovery period, could result in complications and infections, that could, in theory, lead to blindness. Don’t be the first to fail! Always attend your follow up appointments and be sure to follow the advice your surgeon gives you.

LASIK surgery itself does not cause blindness, but if you are in any doubt about the condition of your eyes following the procedure, you must contact your surgeon or ophthalmologist immediately.

Take good care of your brand new vision

Most of the minor risks, complications or side effects that are associated with LASIK are mild and can easily be managed.

LASIK complications such as dry eyes, halos, glares, and other visual disturbances can be uncomfortable but are usually be rectified over time. Most patients who experience any kind of side effects, usually only experience them on a temporary basis. In some very rare cases, however, these can become more severe and permanent.

How To Ensure Your LASIK Recovery Runs Smoothly

The most important factor to consider when choosing to undergo LASIK surgery in Dallas is the skill and experience of the surgeon who does the procedure for you. LASIK can completely change your life and give you back your vision. This means that you will no longer be reliant on glasses or contact lenses and that you can say goodbye to expensive eye tests and prescriptions that need updating on an annual basis.

It is important that you have faith in your LASIK surgeon in Dallas and that you feel confident in their ability. When you first meet with your surgeon, be sure to ask plenty of questions during your eye exam and pre-operative consultation. It is important that you feel comfortable with the doctor you choose, and that you believe they will do everything possible to decrease your risk of LASIK complications, as well as offering the ability to manage any post-operative symptoms you may have.

You should also make inquiries about the level of experience your doctor has in performing LASIK and other vision correction procedures, and the type of technology they will be used to correct your vision. There are different types of LASIK available including INTRA-LASIK, LASEK or PRK, and the surgeon you choose should be an expert in performing the type of laser surgery that best suits your individual needs.

Here at LaserCare Eye Center, our surgeons are some of the most experienced in Dallas, and we only use the most advanced technology available to undertake life-changing LASIK surgery for our patients. We also have the infrastructure in place to offer a superb aftercare service, including post-operative and follow-up appointments for as long as you need them.

During your pre-op consultation, our surgeons will discuss your suitability for LASIK as well as advising you of any specific risks based on your refractive error, measurements of your cornea, your health and age, and many other factors.

Call us on 214.328.0444 to book your consultation with our surgeon for your life-changing LASIK surgery in Dallas today.

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