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Should you suffer a problem with your eyes or vision, then you need to visit an optometrist. An optometrist is a trained specialist who can expertly examine the eyes to detect any issues. Using your eyes, an optometrist can identify issues with your general health as well as any problems with vision, injury or eye health problems such as ocular diseases or abnormalities.

Optometrists train for many years, so patients have peace of mind that their eye specialist has the knowledge and experience to detect a range of issues and abnormalities within the eyes.  With a high standard of practice, visiting an optometrist means you can receive an eye health assessment as well as advice, prescriptions or further treatment if it is required.

What can an optometrist do for you?

A trained, professional optometrist can examine your eyes for a detailed overview of your ocular and general health. During a consultation with an optometrist, you will have an eye examination which will enable the optometrist to;

  • Check and test your eyesight
  • Dispense glasses, contact lenses or recommend laser surgery
  • Advise on visual problems and recommend treatment where possible
  • Recognize eye diseases
  • Prescribe and supply any necessary drugs for eye conditions
  • Check and recommend treatment for eye injuries.

Some optometrists will choose to specialize in different fields of optometry. Some optometrists will take further training to become specialist optometrists in aspects such as children’s vision, sports injuries, laser surgery, and contact lenses.

Three reasons why you should visit an optometrist?

  1. Prevent issues

    Regular eye exams can detect the early stages of eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. This means the problem can be treated early which can help lessen the severity of the situation and may mean less invasive treatment is required.

  2. Improve your health

    An optometrist will be able to look at your lifestyle and understand how it may be affecting your eyes. For example, if you look at a computer screen for a significant proportion of the day, your optometrist can recommend practices to help reduce the risk of eye strain. They may also recommend certain foods and supplements to improve eye health such as zinc, Omega-3, and lutein.

  3. Detect issues

    Many people do not realize they have a problem with their vision as it becomes ‘normal.’ With an eye examination, an optometrist can help to understand your vision and help to correct any issues that you may not realize. As well as assisting with undetected vision issues, your optometrist may be the first to detect general health issues you may not know you have such as diabetes.

It is recommended to visit your optometrist at least once a year. Book your eye examination with an expert optometrist at LaserCare Eye Center in Dallas here.


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