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LaserCare Eye Center is an eye doctor in Plano Texas. We have Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and Opticians on staff to help with your eye exam needs. We provide vision and eye exams, contact lens exams, as well as diagnose and treat a wide range of eye problems.

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The health of your eyes is critical. This is not just to make sure that your vision is good but to check for any type of problems that can occur with your eyes. You should have an eye doctor in Plano Texas that you regularly go to have your eyes checked. In Plano, TX, you will have an expert available to with LaserCare Eye Center. The American Academy Ophthalmology recommends that all patients have their eyes examined regularly. This allows the maintenance of eye health and early detection of disease. At LaserCare Eye Center, we specialize in both medical and surgical treatment of the Eye.

What Does An Eye Doctor Do?

Checking Your Vision

First, the eye doctor will want to know how well you are able to see. They will perform a vision test to determine if you may need corrective lenses. The test includes a visual acuity test (the eye chart) as well as refraction. You will be given a prescription for glasses or for contacts if you want them. Most people have both so that they can have a backup.

Checking For Cataracts

The eye doctor may also check for cataracts and glaucoma. These are simple tests that will be given to you without pain. The tests also check for other issues with your eyes too. Be sure to tell the eye doctor about any problems that you are having with your eyes. This can be very important in determining what you need to do in the process of taking the best care of your eye health.

Checking For Other Eye Diseases

Most likely you will receive a dilated eye exam on your first visit to LaserCare Eye Center. This helps the doctor see to the retina or back of the eye and help to diagnose any problems with it. We also run a variety of test to rule out things like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

How Much Is The Eye Doctor Visits?

This depends on where you go, but most eye doctors accept health insurance. If you are not covered by health insurance, you will be required to pay for your eye exam out of pocket. You can discuss other payment options that the eye doctor may offer to you.

Finding An Eye Doctor In Plano Texas

Many people find eye doctors from referrals from their friends or loved ones. They listen to referrals that they have to an eye doctor that is very good and has great prices. Ask people that live in Plano, TX for their ideas on the eye doctors that you should go to. You will want to feel comfortable with your eye doctor because you will want to go every year to make sure that your eyes are healthy. LaserCare Eye Center has a number of happy patients. Check our reviews here.

What Are The Prices For Contacts And Eyeglasses?

The prices for both are a lot more reasonable now than they were in the past. With the new advances in technology, you will be able to find affordable contacts and eyeglasses. You can choose from a variety of different styles and quality. Your choices will be very good because of the way that they can make both for your needs. The people that work at LaserCare Eye Center are very knowledgeable and they will give you good information and advice on what will work the best for your particular situation. You will want to follow their recommendations for the best care of eyes.

Keep Your Eye Doctor Up-To-Date On Your Medical Needs

You will want to make sure that your eye doctor knows of any health issues that you are dealing with. When you first go in for a consultation, they will want a complete rundown on your medical history. Be sure that you tell them about any health issues that you have and if you are taking any medications. This is essential information for them to have on hand to take good care of your eye health.

Feel Free To Ask Questions When Visiting Your Eye Doctor

You will want to ask any questions that you might have when you are discussing your eye health with your eye doctor. They will have the answers that you need. Your information will be kept private, so feel free to discuss the issues with your eye doctor.

Make sure that you visit your eye doctor regularly. The health of your eyes is vital. If something is wrong, catching it sooner so that it can be cured or treated to prevent, or slow, the progression of any vision loss. The most important preventive step is receiving routine examinations by a qualified eye care professional.

Call LaserCare Eye Center today at 214-574-9600 to schedule a vision exam with an eye doctor at our Plano location.


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