You already know that LASIK procedure is revolutionary and helps correct a variety of eye-related problems. Since the inception of this technique, researchers have been working to make it effective, quick, and safe.

iDesign – Enhancing LASIK’s Precision

For LASIK, the medical professional relies on information available in your eyeglass prescription. However, the problem with this data is that it doesn’t paint the entire picture.

Every patient is different, which is why there is a need to customize the treatment. iDesign offers a way to measure and map out your eye accurately before you undergo LASIK. This data is crucial because it gives the surgeons a clear picture of the areas in your cornea, which require reshaping. At the same time, they get to identify to refraction capability of your cornea and lens.

iDesign – A Modern Solution

Unlike older instruments, iDesign records thousands of data points, for mapping out the cornea. These systems are able to show the surgeons all the information they need about your visual imperfections.

iDesign gives laser systems data for programming its corrective functions based on your cornea information. Without this type of equipment, doing a thorough scan and detecting abnormalities isn’t accurate.

As a result, the laser systems which use iDesign technology, bring down the time taken for you to recover, after the surgery. LASIK gives you the opportunity to stop wearing glasses and lenses. When combined with iDesign, you get the best results since it improves the precision of laser eye surgery.