Many of our patients who come to us for LASIK surgery in Dallas have concerns about the procedure itself. One of the questions we often get asked is “will I be sedated during the operation?” Here at LaserCare Eye Center in Dallas, we take the time to reassure all of our patients that the LASIK surgery is safe, effective and virtually painless. In just a matter of minutes, we can totally transform the way you see for many years to come.

LASIK surgery at LaserEye Care Center in Dallas takes only a short time to complete. The laser itself is only on the eye for just a few moments, meaning that the procedure is fast and efficient and as very few risks attached to it.

We do not use general anesthesia during our LASIK surgery. Firstly, the use of strong anesthetics comes complete with its own health risk and secondly, it would significantly increase the cost of the LASIK procedure without adding any particular benefits.

If you are very nervous about the surgery or are concerned about suffering from any pain or anxiety during the operation itself, our LASIK surgeon can prescribe a mild sedative to help you relax.

In all cases, we take the time to fully explain what happens during the surgery to help allay your fears, and we will do our best to make you feel more confident about the procedure before we begin. Most patients are surprised by how quickly their LASIK procedure is completed, and we are delighted when they tell us that is was easier and less stressful than they expected it to be.

What Happens During LASIK Surgery

First things first, you should expect to be with us for around 3- 5 hours on the day of your surgery. You should also arrange to have someone collect you when you are ready to go home, as you will not be able to drive. You will need to set aside time on the day after your LASIK surgery for your first post-operative visit.

When you first arrive at our clinic, we will check you in and the get the final testing and paperwork out of the way for you. You will be provided with an oral relaxation medication if you are nervous about your LASIK surgery, before being settled down in the Pre-Op suite.
You will also be given eye drops to prepare your eyes for the procedure.

During The Procedure…

In the laser suite, you will be asked to relax, while our surgeon talks you through every step of the procedure. The actual surgery only takes approximately 5-6 minutes per eye. You’ll have a small light to focus your attention on, and you can rest assured that our surgeon has many years of experience of performing seamless and successful LASIK surgery in Dallas.

Using advanced eye-tracking technology, our laser can detect even the smallest of eye movements, meaning that there is nothing you can do to stop the surgery from going perfectly. Lots of our patients worry that they’ll blink or twitch and ruin everything, but that is not an issue with our state of the art laser technology.

It really doesn’t hurt…

Another question that we get asked a lot is whether the surgery hurts. There is no pain associated with the procedure, the only thing you will feel is a very slight pressure on your eye as the laser starts to do its work. Once the surgery is completed, you will be amazed to see the difference in your eyesight within minutes of opening your eyes.

In the hours following the procedure, your loss will come in and out of focus as the eye drops water off and the cornea rehydrates. You will be taken back into the pre-op suite where you will be able to relax for 30 minutes or so before the doctor has one final look at your eyes.

Your lift should be ready to meet you and drive you home. The rest of the day should be spent relaxing. You can watch TV and eat and drink as usual, but we do recommend that you avoid any strenuous exercise for 24 hours or so. You will also need to sleep on your back which may seem a little unusual at first.

Your eyes might feel a little dry after the procedure, but there won’t be any pain to worry about. Most of our clients enjoy a long and restful sleep after the procedure and wake to a whole new way of seeing in the morning.

Affordable And Effective LASIK Surgery From LaserCare Eye Center, Dallas

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