In a recent FDA study, More than 95% of participants were satisfied with their vision following LASIK surgery.

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Finding the best LASIK surgeon in Dallas can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, there are many LASIK options in the Dallas metroplex. We believe that our physician training and experience, our staff and our technology will give you one of the best LASIK experiences in Dallas.

Has the LASIK surgeon you are considering had LASIK themselves?

Dr. Gicheru believes in laser eye surgery so much that he’s had LASIK himself and many of our staff members have as well.

Is the surgeon experienced?

Dr. Gicheru has been doing LASIK since 2000.

Does the clinic offer the latest in Vision Correction?

Make sure you have options. At LaserCare Eye Center you can get LASIK Eye Surgery, PRK or SMILE eye surgery. Not many other places in Dallas give you that many options and we help you choose whatever surgery is best for you based on a lot of factors. We are leaders in technology in the Dallas Metroplex. We are the first in Dallas and one of the few in Texas to offer SMILE Vision Correction. We believe in using the best LASIK technology and use iDesign Wavefront that is 25x more precise than traditional methods which is important because it doesn’t perform your eye surgery based on your prescription, it measures each eye and calculates a treatment that is specific for each eye. We’re not just leaders in Vision Correction Surgery, we are also leaders in Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery. We use ORA in the OR during cataract surgery which is beneficial to post LASIK cataract patients by getting a real-time scan of the eye during cataract surgery.

Is the offer too good to be true?

Some LASIK centers offer pricing that is “too good to be true”. If it’s too good to be true it usually is. Their special LASIK pricing is only available to a small percentage of people that qualify and it is usually using old technology. It’s your vision, trust it to us.


Be sure to ask these questions to cheap LASIK centers:

Out of 100 people who come in, how many qualify for the unbelievable $250 pricing?

My prescription in “X”, do I qualify for the $250 LASIK?

If I don’t qualify for your $250 LASIK, how much total can I expect to pay?


Are you comfortable with the LASIK surgeon and staff?

Fit is a big factor. We are down to earth and fun. It’s not the cattle call that many clinics are and you actually get to meet your surgeon before surgery! You get the best LASIK team in the Dallas metroplex.

Does the surgeon and staff give back?

Dr Gicheru has traveled internationally for mission trips. Some of our staff members have partnered with the Highland Park United Methodist Church and have traveled to Haiti to provide eye care and cataract surgery. We’ve made PB&J for the homeless in Dallas as well as other charitable activities we’ve participated in.

Do they offer financing for LASIK?

We offer Alpaeon and Care Credit.  Depending on your credit our LASIK financing can be 0% financing or low monthly payments spread out over a few years. **Finance options subject to approved credit. 0% financing available with Alphaeon credit. Low monthly payments are available with Care Credit.

Is LASIK pricing competitive?

It’s your eyes, do you really want to get the cheap LASIK in Dallas.  We are one of the best LASIK in Dallas and we offer very competitive pricing.  We’re confident we’re one of the lowest LASIK prices in Dallas especially considering our technology is better than most. Check out SMILE eye surgery. Only a few centers have it and its like LASIK put flapless so you don’t have to worry about flap complications.

Is the surgeon active in the Ophthalmology community?

Dr. Gicheru is a 2012 graduate of the Leadership Development Program of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He has held leadership positions in many Ophthalmology institutions, including the Texas Ophthalmological Association (Past President) and currently is serving on the Dermatological and Ophthalmological FDA Advisory Board. He gives Ophthalmology talks all over the world.

Do they have convenient locations?

We have 3 locations throughout Dallas Fort Worth.  You can get a free LASIK consult at any of our locations, Irving, Plano or Southlake.

Do patients love the doctors and staff?

Check out our LASIK reviews – our patients love us.

Is the surgeon performing eye surgery Board Certified?

The American Board of Ophthalmology ensures that LASIK and Cataract eye surgeons have specific criteria to be certified.

Dr. Gicheru is part of the Texas Ophthalmological Association, Texas Medical Association, American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.

Make sure that the MD has a current state of Texas medical license

What’s the best age to get LASIK?

What happens during LASIK eye surgery or laser vision correction

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