In a recent FDA study, More than 95% of participants were satisfied with their vision following LASIK surgery.

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Before the surgery, you will come to a free LASIK consult and meet with a surgical coordinator. They will take a few measurements of your eye and ask a few questions to make sure you are a good candidate. If you are they will go over information about options for surgery such as whether PRK, LASIK or SMILE eye surgery is best, pricing for LASIK, PRK, and SMILE, and schedule a day that’s best for your preop and surgery.

During preop for laser vision correction, we will take a few more measurements and scans of your eyes so that we have the information to input into our excimer laser or our Visumax femtosecond laser and do a detailed eye exam to make sure that your eyes are healthy.

The day before your surgery you will start antibiotic eye drops that you can purchase here or from your pharmacy.



Move from FEMTO to EXCIMER (Flap to LASIK)

On the day of LASIK Surgery, you will arrive at our clinic in Irving and check-in. One of our friendly staff will get you to start to prep for surgery. We will give you an awesome surgical hat and answer any last minute questions you may have and instill some more eye drops.

For LASIK Eye Surgery

You will be taken back to the LASIK suite and lay under our Intralase femtosecond laser. A small disposable interface is placed on your eye and light suction is applied. Your eye is then docked to the laser and a corneal flap is created, you are undocked and the interface is then removed. The same procedure is done for the next eye. The bed is then positioned under our VISX Star S4 excimer laser, this is where the treatment for LASIK happens. The eye surgeon will lift back the flap that was created and start the treatment that was programmed into the laser from your preop measurements. The treatment with the laser lasts about 30 seconds per eye.

Total surgery time will usually be under 10 minutes per eye.

For SMILE Eye Surgery

You will be taken back to our SMILE suite and lay on the Visumax bed. A small disposable interface is placed on the laser and then docked to your eye. A small incision and a contact like disk called a lenticule is created with the laser. The surgeon then removes the small disk through the hole and the procedure is done for that eye. The same process is repeated for the other eye.

The total surgery time for SMILE is usually under 5 minutes per eye.

Post Op for LASIK

You will be given post-op instructions on how to use the eye drops that were purchased before your surgery as well as some restrictions on what you can do after surgery. You will come back day 1, week 1 and month 1 to check on healing and improvement with vision. Most patients are seeing better after LASIK as soon as the next day.

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