Are you considering undergoing laser eye surgery in Dallas? Here at LaserCare Eye Center, we offer technologically advanced solutions for a wide range of conditions, that can all be successfully treated using laser eye surgery.

If you want to reduce your dependency on prescription glasses or contact lenses, and would like the freedom of clear sight, laser eye surgery could be for you. However, not every patient we see is a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Certain conditions can be more difficult to treat than others, and some may even preclude you from undergoing laser eye surgery completely.

As one of the most highly regarded laser eye surgeons in Dallas, here is our guide to who will, and who won’t, benefit from these types of procedure:

1. Who is a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery can treat a wide range of sight problems, but every patient must meet certain conditions to be eligible for the surgery in the first place. As a general rule:

  • The patient must be 18 years or older, with a stable prescription
  • The patient must not be pregnant or breastfeeding, as hormonal changes are likely to affect eyesight.
  • The patient must be in good overall health

2. Are there any conditions that could hinder the success of laser eye surgery?

There are certain medical conditions that could potentially disqualify patients from undergoing laser eye surgery in Dallas. Patients who suffer from eye disorders such as keratoconus, keratoconjunctivitis sicca or even extreme myopia may not be able to tolerate laser surgery or benefit from it.

You must also be in overall good health to undergo laser eye surgery. Certain types of autoimmune diseases, including HIV/AIDS, lupus, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as diabetes or glaucoma may preclude you from qualifying for laser eye surgery in Dallas.

3. Is there an age limit on laser eye surgery?

Because our vision changes as we age, patients can respond differently to laser eye surgery at differing times in their lives. Around the age of 40 and over, many of us will begin to suffer from reduced reading vision, which can easily be rectified with reading glasses. Even if you undergo laser eye surgery, you may still need glasses to see close up.

Once we reach our 50’s cataracts can become a possibility for decreased vision. While there is no official age limit on laser eye surgery, your needs will change as you age, and at some stage, it may no longer be a viable option.

4. Can laser eye surgery cure astigmatism?

Certain types of laser eye surgery can treat astigmatism incredibly well. The irregular shape of the cornea can present more of a challenge, but procedures like LASIK can precisely correct the irregularities of the cornea, giving you crisp, clear vision once again.

If you have been diagnosed with astigmatism, our surgeon will talk you through the best form of laser eye treatment to free you from blurred and hazy vision.

5. Can I have laser surgery if I wear contact lenses?

When considering undergoing laser eye surgery in Dallas, it is important that you understand how the everyday use of contact lenses can affect the procedure.

Long term wear can alter the shape of your corneas, creating an inaccurate measurement of the shape of your cornea and wavefront scan of your visual system. To combat this, you should discontinue use of contact lenses for a pre-determined period of time before the surgery, in order to allow your corneas to go back to their original shape.

If you are thinking of undergoing Custom LASIK laser eye surgery, your eyes will be mapped before the procedure. If your eyes are measured for your LASIK procedure before they have returned to their natural shape, the laser programming will not reflect your true visual state, which could reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

To prevent any issues occurring, it is important to advise your the surgeon about the type of contact lenses you are currently using, and how long you have been wearing them for at your initial consultation.

6. Can I have laser surgery if I suffer from dry eyes?

It is a common belief that if you suffer from dry eyes, laser eye surgery will only make them worse. Here at The LaserCare Eye Center, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes, and our surgeons will carefully evaluate the severity of your symptoms before recommending treatment. Laser eye surgery is possible for most of our patients with dry eyes, but they may need additional care and monitoring after the operation.

Laser Eye Surgery From The LaserCare Eye Center

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