Zeiss SMILE has been around for quite a long time, however, it has just hit the US in recent years.  It has been practiced in other countries for many years, however, the US government just approved it for nearsighted correction in 2016.  Patients and surgeons are choosing this procedure over other procedures as it has a smaller incision. With this small incision comes less risk and more accuracy as well as less damage to the cornea’s nerves.  It is a better procedure than that other options for some people.  Like LASIK, Zeiss SMILE can correct astigmatism.


Calming your Zeiss SMILE nerves

Leading up to the surgery, you may get a little nervous.  Any surgery can make someone nervous. The thoughts of the unknown and what it will be like can drive a person mad.  But, rest assured, it is a very simple procedure that you probably spend far more time worrying about than the procedure takes.  Unknown things such as lasers can quickly send spiraling thoughts of hot laser beams that shoot from swords or guns. However, as cool as the television and movies make laser beams, they really are not what they are portrayed like.  In fact, the laser that will be used to perform the surgery isn’t even hot. It’s actually a mixture of gases that is kind of cool to the touch.  


During the procedure, your surgeon will give you instructions on what to look at.  Remember, where you look is where your eye is going to go, so following his instructions is important.  And, don’t worry about blinking. You cannot blink during the procedure either. As there will be a device that will hold your eyelid open for the surgeon to perform the surgery.  This ensures that the surgery is done without interruption.

Is Zeiss SMILE different than LASIK?

Yes, Zeiss SMILE is different than LASIK.  Zeiss SMILE offers a less invasive solution, however, it’s not for everyone as stated above.  They both are surgeries that are used to correct bad vision by correcting the cornea. And, the procedures are very similar and both done by laser.  The recovery for Zeiss SMILE is a little quicker than LASIK as well. 


The surgery doesn’t take long at all.  Which is why they typically do not offer general anesthetics.  As the procedure is only 10-15 minutes total for both eyes or usually uder five minutes per eye.  However, numbing drops, as well as an anti-anxiety medication, may be used. This will help prevent pain as well as help you to relax.


Thinking about Zeiss SMILE?

If you are thinking about getting the Zeiss SMILE surgery done, talk LaserCare Eye Center at 214-328-0444 and schedule an appointment with us.  Being cautious is certainly expected, but rest assured we have done many surgeries since we were the first clinic in Dallas and one of the first 100 in the US to start doing Zeiss SMILE eye surgery.  

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