The SMILE procedure – explain it to me!

Like LASIK, SMILE Surgery can be explained and understood in a simple four-step process. You’ve heard of LASIK. Perhaps by now, you’ve heard of SMILE Eye Surgery as well. But how, exactly, does SMILE work? To help you understand SMILE, how it compares to LASIK Surgery and what makes it special, we’re sharing with you these four simple steps of the SMILE procedure. Let us know if you have questions or if you’re ready to stop in for your free consultation!

SMILE Surgery Step 1

  • Your eye is measured and tested to ensure total precision and accuracy.

SMILE Surgery Step 2

  • A precise laser is used to trim a small contact lens-shaped layer just under the surface of the cornea.

SMILE Surgery Step 3

  • A tiny laser opening is made on the surface of the eye near the edge of the cornea.

SMILE Surgery Step 4

  • The small layer, which is about the size of a contact lens, is removed through the tiny opening. 2 Weeks Prior

That’s it! That’s how we SMILE eye surgery! This simple procedure reshapes the cornea of your eye to allow it to focus images more clearly on your retina, creating better vision without glasses or contacts. LASIK and SMILE Eye Surgery have similarly positive visual outcomes, and both have been proven around the world to create better, freer vision. To find out which one is right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons.

You may also be wondering how long does SMILE surgery take


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