Interesting facts and statistics that show what makes laser vision correction with SMILE great!

Clicking around our site, you’ve certainly read a lot about SMILE surgery at this point. We’re excited to be the first SMILE Visumax laser in Dallas! If you’re ready to learn about how SMILE and LASIK can change your life, call us at 214.328.0444 or email us to set up your laser vision consultation.

Because SMILE is exciting and new, our patients and friends don’t yet know everything about how it works and its value. We want to share some of the main facts and statistics that reveal the great benefits and experience you can have with SMILE at our practice.

0 – Odor or noise produced during a SMILE procedure. Because SMILE is gentle, simple and minimally invasive, there are no noises and odors produced during the procedure. This is an incredibly comfortable procedure.
1 – Number of days before you can return to work after SMILE (and LASIK). After the day of the procedure, most patients are back to work the next morning. SMILE can fit into any busy lifestyle.
2-7 – Number of days for a full recovery after SMILE. Most patients experience better vision just a few hours after their SMILE, and are back at work the next day! Recovery after SMILE is quick and doesn’t affect your lifestyle.
30 – The average number of seconds the SMILE laser is active during a SMILE procedure. This amount of time varies a bit for each patient, but overall SMILE is a very quick and comfortable laser vision correction procedure.
1,000+ – Number of doctors around the world who are performing successful SMILE procedures. SMILE is a proven laser vision correction option that is rapidly growing around the world.
750,000+ – Number of successful SMILE procedures performed worldwide. Patients around the world are benefiting from the latest laser vision correction technology, and you can too!

SMILE is now an important part of any complete laser vision correction program. We’re proud to offer both LASIK and SMILE options and excited to see how SMILE will help our patients see more clearly.

To see if LASIK or SMILE are right for you, call us at 214.328.0444 to set up a free consultation or ask questions.

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