SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a kind and gentle laser vision correction technology that applies the latest advancements to rectify near-sightedness. With SMILE, more people than ever may be candidates for laser vision correction. If you’re considering laser vision correction, we encourage you to review this information and research your options. We’re here to answer any questions.


If you find that objects close to you look clear, but things far away are blurry and unfocused, you may be nearsighted. It is a condition caused by a misshaped lens and cornea – and is becoming increasingly common in America.

Choosing the Ideal Procedure for You

SMILE laser vision correction is an innovative approach, approved by the FDA, that helps shape the lens and cornea so that light is properly focused. A perfectly curved cornea focuses light directly on the back of your eye. This creates clear vision.

Eye-test technology diagnoses the precise shape of your unique eye and provides laser vision correction options for almost every eye shape.

A full suite of proven laser correction options should include PRK, LASIK Surgery and SMILE. Hundreds of thousands of SMILE procedures have been performed worldwide by over 1,000 doctors in 62 countries. Over 750,000 eyes have been helped to clearer vision. SMILE is a proven, predictable laser vision procedure.

Some practices might not offer this advanced technology. If a doctor isn’t able to offer LASIK, PRK, and SMILE, can you be sure you’re getting the best procedure for your eyes and lifestyle?

A full recommendation on your unique situation will ensure you are matched with the ideal procedure for your specific vision. Our knowledgeable team, from reception to the surgeon’s office, works together with the single goal of helping you understand what options are best for you to see clearly.

SMILE: A Minimally Invasive Surgery

The SMILE procedure uses a laser to correct the shape of the eye. The laser treatment itself takes less than 30 seconds. Without entering the eye, the laser applies the pre-determined computer-generated values to make a thin contact lens-shaped layer, just beneath the surface. It then creates a teeny opening through which that layer is removed, correcting your vision.

This removal changes the shape of the outer layers of the cornea. It is a remarkable breakthrough in vision improvement. SMILE is a wonderful treatment option for patients with healthy corneas, active lifestyles and a tendency towards dry eye.

Benefits of SMILE

The ZEISS VisuMax® laser, which is used for SMILE, employs an anatomically-shaped contact glass that exactly conforms to the natural shape of the cornea. This allows the procedure to be performed with much less suction pressure than other laser vision correction options. It’s simple and virtually painless. Other benefits include:

  • No sound or odor during the procedure. Patients feel like they haven’t been operated on.
  • A minimally invasive, small incision surgery translating to rapid visual recovery and possibly begin wearing makeup as early as the next day. Patients can generally resume all daily activities 4-7 days later.
  • Excellent visual results means patients often can go home without glasses.
  • Cornea rigidity is maintained.

Consider the yearly and long-term costs of your glasses and contacts when thinking about investing in laser vision correction. You may actually save money and enjoy many other lifestyle benefits such as better vision.

SMILE was created by ZEISS ReLEx®, a company that has pioneered optical science and medical technology for over 170 years. While SMILE is not yet approved to treat astigmatism in the United States, laser vision correction has helped millions of people see more clearly. Contact us or call 214-328-0444 to see if you’re a candidate.

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