The latest advancement in laser vision correction, SMILE Eye Surgery has many great benefits. Our practice has helped thousands of patients see better through laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK. Now we’re preparing to launch the latest innovation in laser vision correction, called SMILE Eye Surgery. Together with LASIK, SMILE Eye Surgery provides a powerful technology to help you see better without glasses and contacts. To help you get to know SMILE Eye Surgery, we’d like to share 10 reasons you should consider SMILE Eye Surgery to improve your vision.

  1. SMILE Eye Surgery can correct your vision. SMILE Eye Surgery gives you corrected vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts.
  2. SMILE Eye Surgery has been successfully performed around the globe for many years. SMILE Eye Surgery was developed by ZEISS, a company known for 170 years of optical innovation. More than 750,000 SMILE Eye Surgery have been performed worldwide.
  3. SMILE Eye Surgery is gentle and minimally invasive. SMILE Eye Surgery is a highly precise procedure. A tiny laser opening and lack of corneal cutting creates little disturbance to the eye, helping you recover quickly with predictable visual outcomes.
  4. SMILE Eye Surgery is a simple and fast procedure. During a SMILE Eye Surgery procedure, the latest in laser technology is used to gently create a thin, contact lens-shaped layer just beneath the surface of the eye, which is removed through a small opening. In this way, SMILE Eye Surgery reshapes the surface of your eye and sharpens your vision, correcting the refractive error.
  5. SMILE Eye Surgery is a gentle and highly precise procedure lasting only a few minutes, with the laser only active for about 30 seconds on average. Read all about the SMILE Eye Surgery procedure on our information page. Rapid visual recovery after your SMILE Eye Surgery. While visual recovery is ever so slightly behind that of LASIK, people often return to most of their daily activities the day after their SMILE Eye Surgery procedure. Full visual recovery is comparable to that of LASIK 1.
  6. SMILE Eye Surgery promotes eye strength and stability. Potential for flap dislocation or detachment isn’t a factor with SMILE Eye Surgery because the procedure is minimally invasive.
  7. Surgical results are consistent and predictable with SMILE Eye Surgery. The visual outcome is highly predictable. More than 750,000 SMILE Eye Surgeries have been performed worldwide, and the results have been amazing!
  8. SMILE Eye Surgery is a procedure with minimal risk. Cases of dry eye, disturbed nerves, and infection as a result of laser vision correction are very low with SMILE Eye Surgery 2.
  9. SMILE Eye Surgery is a noiseless, odorless procedure. SMILE Eye Surgery is minimally invasive and is one of the gentler, more comfortable forms of laser vision correction.
  10. The SMILE Eye Surgery procedure offers quick healing time. Patients are able to resume most normal daily activities within 24 hours, including driving, showering, applying makeup and going to work.

These 10 reasons to SMILE Eye Surgery are just the start! Call us today at 214.328.0444 to find out if SMILE Eye Surgery is the laser vision correction option that’s best for you.

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