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LASIK at LaserCare Eye Center

LaserCare Eye Center has been performing LASIK in the Dallas Metroplex since 2000. We have helped 1,000’s of LASIK and SMILE patients correct their vision problems and be free from glasses and contacts! You’ll meet a LaserCare Eye Center doctor on the day of your consult so you can discuss all of the options available to you.

What is LASIK?

The most common type of eye surgery, laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) uses a special laser to make a flap and another laser to reshape the cornea. The procedure can correct nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness(hyperopia) by changing the curvature or shape of your corneal surface so that light rays are focused properly on the retina at the back of the eye. It also may be used for astigmatism. The LASIK procedure is the most performed refractive surgery in the world. The procedure usually takes about 15 minutes.

In a recent FDA study, More than 95% of patients were satisfied with their vision following LASIK surgery.


LASIK and SMILE are both refractive procedures that correct vision. We were the first provider in Dallas to offer SMILE, eye surgery a flapless alternative to LASIK.

LaserCare Eye Center uses the same laser for your LASIK flap as we use for SMILE. This creates less pressure on the eye vs our competitors’ lasers.



How is the LASIK Procedure Performed?

LASIK Eye Surgery is performed at our laser center in Irving. If you’re considering a LASIK procedure, the first step is to contact us for an in-office or virtual consultation. We discuss with you, your eye health history, and help you make a decision if surgery is right for you. If you choose to do your consultation at our office, we’ll also do some testing of your eyes to make sure they are healthy enough for surgery. If you decide to go ahead with surgery, the next step would be a preop, where we do more testing of your eyes. This is to ensure eye health and get your prescription needed to program the lasers.

Steps during surgery:

  1. Eye Preparation– Your LaserCare Eye Center LASIK surgeon places numbing drops in your eye so that no pain is felt during the procedure. An instrument is used to hold your eyelid open so you can relax during the procedure.
  2. LASIK Flap– Your LASIK surgeon uses a specialized laser call a femtosecond laser to make your LASIK flap. The thin flap is then lifted. At LaserCare Eye Center, we use a laser to cut the flap, so no blades are used.
  3. Reshape the Cornea– Your LaserCare Eye Center eye surgeon then uses a computer controlled laser called an excimer laser to reshape your cornea and correct your vision.
  4. Replace the Flap– Your LaserCare Eye Center LASIK surgeon then places the flap back. LASIK flaps heal on their own.

What are the Benefits of LASIK Surgery?

  • In a recent FDA survey, 95% of patients surveyed were happy with their vision following LASIK surgery.
  • Recovery is quick, vision is corrected almost immediately.
  • No bandages or stiches are needed after surgery.
  • Little to no pain during surgery due to the numbing drops used.
  • Even though surgery requires a financial investment up front, over your life, you can save more than glasses or contacts.

How do I Know if I’m a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Not all patients are a good fit for LASIK, but at LaserCare Eye Center, a doctor will take the time to discuss all options with you so you choose the procedure that’s right for you. Some of the qualifications for LASIK are:

  • 18 years old or older.
  • Stable eye glasses or contact prescription for the past 2 years.
  • No significant medical or eye problems.
  • Not pregnant or planning to be pregnant, or nursing.

Is Laser Vision Correction Safe?

The LASIK procedure is the most performed refractive surgery in the world. With any surgery, complications can arise, but that’s why discussing your eye care health with a LaserCare Eye Center eye surgeon is so important. Most of the complications are rare, mild, and treatable and include:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Glares or Halos
  • Flap Problems such as infection or swelling

LASIK Surgery Patient Reviews

We have hundreds of happy LASIK patient reviews. You can see our reviews on Google here

LASIK Procedure Animated Video


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💲 How much does LASIK cost in Dallas?

LASIK costs vary from region to region and from provider to provider. Price should not be the only factor in determining which LASIK surgeon to use.

💧 Is LASIK surgery painful?

Your LASIK surgeon will put numbing drops in your eyes before surgery. The only sensation the LASIK patients should feel is a slight pressure during the procedure and no pain after.

🔞 What age can I get LASIK?

The FDA has approved LASIK for people above 18. You should have a stable prescription for 2 years prior to surgery.

💲 Is LASIK covered by insurance?

LASIK is usually not covered by insurance but we do offer some discounts for certain insurance. Please contact us at 214-328-0444 to see if your insurance qualifies for a discount.

Does LASIK last forever?

LASIK procedures permanently correct your vision. In some cases, your eyes may continue to change and may require another corrective procedure. That is why having a stable glasses prescription is recommended.


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